Tim's Story

Tim Griffith was a kind, funny and handsome 21-year-old when he was taken from us while leaving a San Francisco Giants game with friends.

Tim loved being with his friends and he loved the Giants – a fan from the time he was a young boy and we would attend games at Candlestick Park.

Tim grew up and lived in Redwood City, California. He played soccer, little league baseball and did many years of karate. Tim was known for his quick sense of humor, his kindness toward those that needed help and his love of family and friends. Tim was an independent soul – never afraid to do something different. He wore tie dye and peace signs in grade school and wanted a blue lounge jacket rather than a shirt and tie for his eighth grade graduation. He was a free spirit with a big heart. In his teen years, Tim struggled with drug addiction and was on the journey of recovery from that dark time when he was murdered on September 17, 2004.

"Whenever you have doubts or sad thoughts, just remember this is a small period of time and it’s kind of like climbing up a steep cliff to get to the beautiful waterfall… I promise everything will be okay."

~Tim Griffith

From the time Tim was young he helped others – he gave his Christmas money to a homeless man with a dog on the streets of San Francisco one December. He and his brother brought home stray animals and people. Tim was always one to invite others to spend the night or share a meal if they needed support.

Tim will be forever missed, our hearts broken. We do the work of the Foundation to carry his spirit and name forward. We do this work with his kindness and humor in mind and peace in our hearts.

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