We provide grants to nonprofit organizations working to promote peaceful communities through a variety of strategies.

One such partnership is with Acknowledge Alliance, Formerly Cleo Eulau Center, which provides support services to adolescents transitioning from the San Mateo County Court and Community Schools back into mainstream comprehensive high schools.

These adolescents struggle with a myriad of difficult decisions which often include substance abuse, gang violence, complicated family dynamics, immigration issues, and poor academic progress. The Transition Program ensures that each student transitioning from the smaller community schools into the larger mainstream high schools is able to receive weekly individual counseling. The counselor is able to provide information about the new school as well as ongoing psychological support to adolescents who are often feeling isolated, lonely, and overwhelmed upon entering a new school.

The Transition Program holds a Parent Information meeting twice a year for the parents of the transitioning students to ensure the parents are well informed about the available services on site at the school. The meeting also offers the families a chance to meet the counselor on-site.

The Transition Program has been providing services on site at Sequoia High School in Redwood City since August 2009. The program will begin providing services at Woodside High School in Redwood City this month.

Recent Grants

We partner with nonprofits leading the effort to develop understanding and peace in our communities. Recent investments include three programs serving at-risk youth:‍

Team Ascent

intervention program provides positive role models and unique opportunities for youth.

Collaborative Counseling Program at Community and Court Schools of San Mateo County

Provides much-needed therapy to 150 at-risk students attending the Community and Court Schools of San Mateo County as a result of being expelled or who are on probation, as well as a transition program supporting their reentry into mainstream high school.

Fresh Takes Youth Media Center

Opening in Redwood City, which will be home to Fresh Take Films, a free 34-week film academy for youth, offering the skills and knowledge for a possible career path.


Acknowledge Alliance (formerly Cleo Eulau Center)

Dedicated to promoting lifelong resilience in children and youth by strengthening the caring capacity of the adults who influence their lives.

Fair Oaks Elementary School

The Foundation helps support the children in this poverty-stricken area of Redwood City by funding Outdoor Education/Science Camp experiences for the students at this school where 100% of the children are eligible for the national free lunch program.


Kara provides compassionate support to people of all ages on their journey through grief so that they can move toward renewed hope and meaning.

Pets in Need

Pets In Need's mission is to bring a loving, healthy home within paw's reach of every adoptable dog and cat in our community.

Redwood City Education Foundation

The purpose of the Redwood City Education Foundation is to enrich educational opportunities for the students in the communities served by the Redwood City Elementary School District.

Service League of San Mateo County

The Service League of San Mateo County is a nonprofit agency that develops, coordinates, and delivers in-custody programs, services, and other activities within all San Mateo County jails. The agency delivers after-release programs and services at five program sites in the community.

(formerly Youth and Family Enrichment Services)

StarVista is a nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming the lives of children, young people, adults, and families across San Mateo County.

Wild Life Associates

Wildlife Associates provides over 800 educational presentations each year. In addition to school-assembly programs, adult and family wildlife experiences and lectures to professional groups and community organizations are available. The sanctuary also offers foster and at-risk youth a place to heal and re-imagine their lives with programs that meet their important needs.

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