The Tim Griffith Foundation seeks to create peaceful communities, supporting organizations working in innovative ways to prevent senseless violence.

Tim’s senseless and violent death inspired us to support nonprofits working towards peace in our communities. Peace work takes many forms, from programs that build bridges between people of different backgrounds to addressing the underlying causes of violence, such as poverty, neglect and injustice. We partner with nonprofits leading the effort to develop understanding and peace in our communities.


Giants Community Fund presents the Tim Griffith Foundation with a check for $6,700 to support Violence Prevention efforts in San Mateo County.


We provide grants to nonprofit organizations working to promote peaceful communities through a variety of strategies. One such partnership is with the Acknowledge Alliance, Formerly Cleo Eulau Center, which provides support services to adolescents transitioning from the San Mateo County Court and Community Schools back into mainstream comprehensive high schools.

Yes, it helped me set goals for my future, my personal and educational future.

A student participating in the Transition Program

Yes, it was good that I had someone to talk to about anything that was on my mind and my counselor was very helpful and gave me great advice.

A student participating in the Transition Program


“Was counseling helpful to you?”
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