The Tim Griffith Foundation proudly supports Camp Erin through the Trevor Wade Perry Sponsorship. Join us in supporting bereaved children today.

The Trevor Wade Perry Sponsorship to Camp Erin was started by his family in 2009 to honor his memory. Trevor was a compassionate young man with a great sense of humor who always had time to listen to others. Trevor realized laughter was medicine for the soul. Despite his youth he had wisdom beyond his years. Trevor himself was no stranger to tragedy, having lost his father at the age of 7 and his sister 10 years later. If Trevor had a place like Camp Erin to work through his grief, it would have been extremely helpful.

For this reason, when Trevor lost his life at the young age of 22 to a very sudden infection, his family decided to honor him in the best way they knew how, with a camp sponsorship allowing another bereaved child an opportunity for community and healing. Their wish for all who attend Camp Erin is to find friendship and connection with fellow campers and know they are not alone in their grief.

Join us today in providing this unique camp experience to children and teens struggling with the loss of a father, mother, sister or brother–your gift can mean one more child who is not alone.

We provide both financial support and direct programs for grief support, including our intensive grief retreats.

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