Celebrating International Women's Day

A message from our Founder and President, Stacey Redman.

Since the inception of the Foundation in memory of my son Tim Griffith, it has been women, along with several exceptional men, that have walked the path with me. What started as a dream in my living room in Redwood City has, 17 years later, been led by an incredible all woman Board of Directors.

We have had a few members come and go and have always created a team of intelligent, compassionate and energetic people.

We would not have achieved our mission without this Board - and the many volunteers both men and women that make it go! It has been an honor to work together - we have celebrated, cried and exhausted ourselves and each other but have always had a steadfast mission to succeed.

It's important to reflect on and celebrate the work of so many strong and resourceful women on International Women's Day, and throughout the year.

I love that this year's International Women's Day theme is "choose to challenge". It really speaks to the idea at the Foundation's core, which is to make a difference for individuals and our community as a whole.

How can you choose to challenge? Start with your own thoughts and actions.

You can make a conscious decision to seek out and celebrate women's achievements, call out and challenge gender bias and inequality, and help to create a more inclusive world.

Are you in? Visit our Facebook page and tell us about a woman in your life who you think deserves some recognition today, and every day.

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