New Tim Griffith Foundation website

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new Tim Griffith Foundation website.

As you take a look at the new site, you’ll notice several faces feature prominently on the home page in addition to our beloved Tim.

These are the faces of people whose lives you’ve touched by being a part of the Tim Griffith Family.

As we approached this website redesign we wanted the website to reflect the incredible impact we’ve all made together, in Tim’s name.

For this reason, the faces and stories featured on our new website are real people and they have personally felt the benefits of your generosity.

Please take a minute to explore our new site. It provides resources to those looking for information on violence prevention, grief, or addiction.

It also showcases the Foundation's dedication to the San Francisco Bay Area community in each of these important areas. If this sounds like a cause close to your heart, why not join us as a volunteer, or sign up to our mailing list

We are immensely grateful to you for everything you’ve done to make this impact possible. We look forward to bringing hope and healing to even more this year.

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