Promoting Peace for 15 years

What’s Next: Commemorating 15 Years of Impact

After significant research, thousands of conversations, countless memorable experiences, and many stories that have changed us in profound ways, the Tim Griffith Foundation wants to do so much more to help and serve those who live in what we call “the ecosystem of vulnerability.”

We want to offer more support. More encouragement. More understanding. More peace.

We launched our most ambitious effort yet, so that we can do more. Through our anniversary campaign, “15 Years of Promoting Peace,” our goal is to formalize the models and programs we’ve developed so that helpers and do-ers all over can create more peace.

More peace, by helping young people overcome drug addiction.

More peace, by supporting students facing the adversity of violence.

And more peace, from offering hands to hold for grieving parents.

The Tim Griffith Foundation began as a group of friends leaning on one another, bound by tragedy. Together, we have all become a tribe of kindred spirits who ask our communities, “How can we help?”

This has been our bedrock phrase and principle, the question that animates and binds everything we do, because it’s what Tim would have done.

Tim spent his short life helping people who suffered through addiction, violence, or loss. He used empathy to connect, and left judgement out of it.

We want to continue Tim’s work in an even bigger way. To read about all the ways you can become part of the movement we’ve building with our “Promoting Peace” campaign, please click here.

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