Stacey Redman Wins Bill Lane Award

Photo: Al Cunningham, Stacey Redman, and Josh Griffith

Tim Griffith Foundation founder Stacey Redman was bestowed with the Bill Lane Award by the Service League of San Mateo at a ceremony Thursday morning. 

The award recognizes an "outstanding individual who continues to support the Service League Mission" to protect our community by rebuilding lives. 

The Tim Griffith Foundation partners with the Service League of San Mateo - a nonprofit agency that develops, coordinates, and delivers in-custody programs and services within San Mateo County jails - to operate Tim's House, a sober living environment for young men participating in substance abuse treatment. 

Service League of San Mateo executive director Karen Francone presented Stacey with the award, and described her as someone who "cares deeply for those we serve, and is always willing to lend a helping hand".

"Through Stacey's leadership, the Foundation has grown and continues to focus on helping those impacted by addiction, violence and loss. In fact in 2008 Stacey partnered with us, the Service League, and her dream took hold when Tim's House was opened," Ms Francone said.

"We are very grateful for you Stacey, and that the Tim Griffith Foundation continues to help support the program operations for Tim's House, as it has benefited so many young men, to change their lives." 

Ms Francone also called Stacey a "wonderful role model" and a "lighthouse in the community for those that need to find direction".

"She has the courage to continue to work through a devastating tragedy and has risen from the ashes to show others that if she can do it, so can we," she said. 

"Stacey you are an amazing person, with a heart of gold, I treasure you and love your spirit. Tim lives on through you, through the foundation, Bridges and through Tim's House. We are also honored to be on this journey with you and to be a part of Tim's legacy."

Stacey founded the Tim Griffith Foundation after her son was murdered outside of a San Francisco Giants baseball game in 2004. It aims to heal and strengthen Bay Area communities by providing support and services to those affected by addiction, violence and loss. 

Stacey was also awarded certificates of recognition from the California Legislature Assembly and the state Senate, as well as a commendation from the Board of Supervisors of San Mateo County.

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